Rooms of varying size and shape at Bryce Gallery give viewers a good idea how pictures would look in a similarly modern home. More than 100 artworks in storage and a steady stream of new arrivals mean there is always a fresh selection to browse. Frames are chosen by the artists themselves – a process typically seen as the crowning aspect of an artwork – and Bryce Gallery can fit museum-grade glass upon request. Bryce Gallery also regularly hosts weekend workshops for those looking to improve their own artistic skills tutored by Min Kim.

Min Kim took over Bryce Gallery in 2006. With the gallery came an extensive collection of original paintings, sketches and sculptures that fills the rooms of the former show home in Riccarton. Her goal for the gallery is to continue exhibiting high-quality pieces by “hidden” artists alongside those of the region’s best-known talent. Min Kim says in most cases people viewing art know what they want and just need to be presented a refined selection. At other times, Bryce Gallery staff help people to a decision by considering the colours in a home, space available and a room’s dominant features. “Sometimes we take several works to a client’s house so they can display them and compare,” Min says. “If someone asks for advice, I’m quite happy to help.”

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