Treat yourself on your travels whilst on the North side of the Waimakariri River by calling into our World Famous Sheffield Pies Bakery & Cafe in Oxford. Why not make a day trip of it, as a lot of people do, and start with lunch in Sheffield and finish with afternoon tea in Oxford?

Our products are all made from scratch from top quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible and crafted to perfection at our bakery in Oxford. The original variety of pies are made to the original recipes, however the ever creative bakers are coming up with new flavours of pies all the time. Not only do we have a famous selection of pies, we also make a delicious array of cakes, slices and our very home styled Kiwi favourites biscuit selection, packaged nicely for you take home or round to a mates place to have with a cuppa. Alternatively, stay and enjoy them with our barista made coffees, iced drinks and delicious herbal teas.

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