TÅ«taepatu Lagoon

25 km north of Christchurch. The main access to the park is from the end of Woodend Beach Road, a walking/cycling track leads to the lagoon.


Spring-fed 49 ha lagoon and constructed wetlands within the 575 ha TÅ«haitara Coastal Park (between the Waimakariri River mouth and Waikuku). Feeds a coastal freshwater system that runs the entire length of the park. Home to a diverse range of species including fish such as mudfish, inaka (whitebait), eel and birds such as bittern, banded dotterels, black-fronted dotterel and wrybill. Community and council restoration project (weed and animal pest control, planting natives including kahikatea and totara).

A viewing platform allows you to see over the raupo beds into the open water to view the many species of waterfowl, wetland and forest bird species. No fishing or boating on the lagoon.

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